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About Us

Parents around Chicago can breathe easier with the launch of Basharoo, a new web site designed specifically to help them plan their kids’ birthday parties. 

Basharoo is a spin-off from local resource guide ChicagoKids.com, whose party guide has been the top source of local party information since 2001. Basharoo has expanded that party guide to include over hundreds of local party resources, allowing parents to quickly and easily find party locations, entertainment, and rentals and services. Resources are organized into dozens of subcategories so parents can search specifically for the resources they need - Tea Parties, Laser Tag, Game Trucks, Photo Booth Rentals, Mobile Spas, and many, many more! 

As with ChicagoKids.com, the goal of Basharoo is to be a comprehensive resource for parents, and relevant local businesses may create a free listing on the site.

Basharoo founder Sue Zeiler launched ChicagoKids.com in 2001, and built it into a popular and trusted source of information for local moms. The site delivers over 3 million annual page views and dominates local search engine results. Sue is frequently featured in print media and on local television as an expert on family topics.

For more information on Basharoo, you can email us at info@basharoo.com.