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Chicago Area Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are the hottest group activity in town, and plenty of escape rooms have been opening up all around the Chicagoland area. Groups get "locked" into a room, and must find clues and solve riddles and puzzles in order to escape. It's a great group party activity for older kids and teens looking for a fun and challenging experience.

Escape Artistry
Flatiron Arts Building, 1579 N. Milwaukee Ave. Suite 350, Chicago

Located in Wicker Park, Escape Artistry offers Chicago-centric room escapes with an artistic approach, with story-driven room escapes in immersive environments that give guests 60 minutes to work together in order to escape. Pirates on Lake Michigan, Dillinger at the Biograph Theatre, a run-away Railcar, 1980's B horror movies and, by the way, did you know your Grandmother is a secret agent? These are the adventures for escape artists of all ages and skill levels.

Private birthday parties at Escape Artistry are best for ages 8 and up. A popular theme for kids is the "Railcar," which has a maximum of 12 kids/1 adult. In the "Railcar," kids will be greeted by a "platform conductor," then enter the railcar, where a routine ride quickly turns into a race against time. A comic book style villain has tampered with the train and sent it flying down the tracks toward the center of Chicago. Mysterious puzzles and riddles found in the railcar offer clues, and it's up to the group to unravel the mystery, crack the codes, stop the train, and save the city before time runs out.

Escape Artistry is a locally owned, designed, managed, and operated room escape company, working exclusively with Chicago based artisans and sourcing as many products as possible from Chicago based companies. The "Railcar" room is built mainly out of found objects and recycled junk/scrap materials (license plates, discarded lumber from theatrical sets etc), in line with our dedication to reducing our company's carbon foot print and working with green/recycled/repurposed materials.

Opening Soon: A second site, The Time Gallery, which will have multiple rooms and accommodate up to 10 guests per room.

Great Room Escape
8240 Austin Ave., Morton Grove

Great Room Escape is a fully interactive and immersive experience, challenging participants to use clues and riddles hidden throughout the room that provide them with the tools they need to escape. Parties are recommended for ages 10 and up, and three rooms are available that accommodate up to 12 participants each, or use all three rooms for 36 players.

The specialty room is The Houdini Room. Houdini, the world's greatest escape artist and famous magician, made a pact with his wife Bess to try and make contact from beyond the grave upon his death. They also set a deadline by which they would give up and Bess was to move on with her life. As the hour approaches for the deadline, your party guests are their last hope, with just one hour to discover the final item so that Bess may make one last attempt to contact her beloved husband.

The Great Room Escape is detailed oriented and aims to provide an amazing experience with fun and interactive puzzles, and out-of-sight set designs. When you walk into these rooms, you're not walking into a repurposed office full of puzzles - you're entering a whole other world! 

Hidden Key Escapes
190 E. 5th Ave, Suite 4, Naperville

Hidden Key Escapes is a fun and unique interactive escape room in Naperville, IL. While locked in a room with only an hour to escape, the team must search the room for clues and codes, use logic and critical thinking to solve puzzles, riddles and ciphers, all in an attempt to find the key and escape the room.

Hidden Key Escapes offers private events for kids 16 and up, and can also be booked for younger kids with an adult present. Games are recommended for ages 11 and up due to the complexity of the puzzles involved. There are 2 rooms to choose from - The Hideaway, and the Storage Room.

The Hideaway can host up to 6 participants, and is designed based on the true story of a 1937 kidnapping. Charles Ross was a retired CEO of a large Chicago company, kidnapped for ransom and held in a small hideaway. While the kidnappers were plotting, he had one opportunity to escape from his locked room - based on a true story! In the Storage Room, which can host up to 8 participants, is great for more experienced "escapers," who must sneak into a Museum storage facility, find a special artifact and escape undetected.


Lock Chicago
1601 Sherman Ave Suite 215, Evanston

Lock Chicago is an innovative new Escape Room adventure in the Chicagoland area. At Lock Chicago, rather than being locked in a room, your challenges will have alternate end-goals - more of a Challenge Room than an Escape Room. Lock Chicago prides itself on providing challenges and scenarios that keep end-goals, strategies, and puzzles as different as they can be from room to room, creating unique experiences for guests and allowing them to interact with original elements and physical puzzles.

Locked Chicago offers the "Sunburn" room that accommodates 8 and has a minimum age of 12 with a parent/guardian; and the "Malfunction" room that hosts 6 and is for ages 15 and up.

Kids will enjoy their mission in the Sunburn room, where they've located the fables Sun Treasure… however, it's protected in a crystal tomb that's bombarded with constant sunlight, making the treasure impossible to remove. But on this day, there's an eclipse that's blocking the sun for one hour. Kids must solve the light puzzles and get the treasure before the hours is over.

Mastermind Escape Games
1015 E State Pkwy, Suite 200, Schaumburg

Mastermind Escape Games can put together events for kids of all ages, and recommends group events for kids ages 8 and up. Five rooms are available with a capacity of 12 participants per room, so you can have a party with up to 60 participants.

Mastermind Escape Games entertains a wide range of customers; from young children to teens to adults, and often the youngest players are the ones who escape fastest as they don't overthink the clues and are most creative! All of the rooms are age appropriate and are not scary.

Kids will especially love the Sorcerer's Secret Room, where they arrive at an uncle's magic shop to investigate his mysterious disappearance. It's up to the group to foil the evil Sorcerer's plot and escape his magic lair before suffering from the same curse!

Room Escape Adventures
Fine Arts Building, 408 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago

Room Escape Adventures offers parties for ages 8 and up, with one adult required for every 6 children and a maximum of 12 per room. Room Escape Adventures is a full on comedic relief that will provide your party with laughs and memories for years to come.

In "Trapped in a Room with a Zombie," your guests must solve puzzles, clues and riddles in order to escape Dr Oxy's clutches! Every five minutes a buzzer goes off, and his chain gets a foot longer! See if your group has what it takes to out-wit this Zombie, or become dinner. And "Still Hungry" is a- pulse pounding comedy, where Dr. Oxy is back and Still Hungry! Solve the puzzles, clues and riddles before the 60 minutes is up in order to escape Dr Oxy's clutches once again! 

Vault Escape Chicago
3234 Harlem Ave., Riverside

Vault Escape Chicago recommends parties for ages 10 and up, although younger groups can be accommodated. Groups can have up to 8 participants per room, and there are currently 2 rooms, with 2 more coming soon. Vault Escape also has a mobile game that can host groups from 10-200.

Vault Escape can create an experience to accommodate your schedule and the age and skill level of your group. A skilled staff member guides the party guests through the game, providing guidance and necessary assistance to ensure that they stay on track as they work their way through the puzzles while having a phenomenal time.

Kids will love the Mad Scientist room, where they can test for pH, solve puzzles, decipher codes and find hidden locks to disable a bomb! And you can host a party at your location, with the Vault Escape mobile Pirate game!