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Highlight: Hot Ground Gym

Hot Ground Gym was a winner in's Basharoo All-Star Party Awards voting, getting the top votes in the category of Most Stupendous Sports Party with their obstacle course Birthday Parties.

Learn more about kids' birthday parties at Hot Ground Gym and see why our viewers voted them as one of the best!

Q: For what ages are your parties best suited?
A: The minimum age is turning 6, no limits after that.

Q: What's the maximum number of kids you can accommodate?
A: At the Northbrook location 30, in Vernon Hills 35.

Q: Do you offer different themes?
A: We offer obstacle course birthday parties, and we can create a customized theme for those who are interested in a theme.

Q: What's the most unique or outrageous theme you've ever done?
A: American Ninja Warrior Theme.

Q: What makes your parties unique?
A: We are veteran owned and operated facilities. All our instructors come from Military or first responder backgrounds. Kids have the best time of their lives with REAL LIFE SUPERHEROES. Our parties are fun, inspiring, team oriented, and no one will feel left behind. Your children are in the softest and strongest hands.

  • Every birthday party is a private event. No strangers and overwhelming crowds.
  • Coolest birthday party you can imagine with a full-scale obstacle course, a unique socializing experience and much more.
  • All of our activities are guided and instructed by our amazing instructors. We will make sure your child will get the best birthday experience.
  • All of our parties are 90 minutes long.
  • Birthday cake cutting ceremony with hero sword.
  • Parents, we got you covered as our parties are Drop Off.
  • Set up included (table cloth, plates, napkins, and utensils)
  • Free downloadable party invitations.
  • Bring your cake and drinks free of charge.
  • One free week of Junior Boots Basics class for birthday boy/girl included (Conditions Applied)

Q: What's your personal favorite thing about your parties?
A: Guided and instructed element. The way we do this is not about the "what to do" but "how to do this." Our instructors bring a true social experience to the way birthday parties should be.

Q: Why should parents consider your location for a party?
A: Lots of reasons:

  • Our customer support is second to none and parents will have a staff that is dedicated to the success of their party.
  • Every party for us is a true production.
  • We pride ourselves with our unique private party approach. We believe that a birthday party is a very important event in child's life. Every event is a memory that will last forever. We set a goal to make every birthday party in our facilities a memorable positive experience.
  • All of our parties are drop off. We want to allow guest parents to take time off from their busy schedules.
  • We pride ourselves for safety. We designed and trained our staff to have the most safe environment for children. It is our commitment to parents that drop off their kids.
  • No other children place can promise that their birthday parties are a great success. WE CAN and we promise that our birthday party model will be the best birthday party they ever had.

Q: What else would you like Basharoo readers to know about your parties?
A: Hot Ground Gym's Obstacle Course Birthday Party is not just fun, but also very educational. We apply our 5dc conceptâ„¢ to it; Obstacle Course, Teamwork, Leadership, Critical Thinking and Discipline. Each element is carefully integrated in the 90 minutes private birthday party session.

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