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Highlight: LEGOLAND® Discovery Center

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center was a winner in's Basharoo 2016 Party All-Star Awards voting, getting the top votes in two categories - Most Awesome Amusement/Fun Center Party and Most Stellar Science/LEGO/Robotics Party.

Learn more about kids' birthday parties at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center from Victor Garcia, the Marketing and Events Assistant at the Chicago area's LEGOLAND®.

Q: For what ages are your parties best suited?
A: Our Birthday parties are best suited for 3 - 10 year olds.

Q: What's the maximum number of kids you can accommodate?
A: We can accommodate 43 birthday guests, that includes both parents and kids.

Q: What makes your parties unique?
A: What's more unique than being surrounded by over 2 million LEGO® bricks? For a LEGO lover, perhaps not much. Not only do our parties come with cupcakes, drinks, and access to our private party room but you also get full access to the entire attraction! That's not all, we also have a birthday host to both greet your guests and cater your party to enhance and make your party experience that much more special. At the end of the day, we set out to give kids an experience they will never forget while also allowing parents to relax, have fun, and enjoy themselves.

Q: What's your personal favorite thing about your parties?
A: Without a doubt it's the birthday child's reaction when they step foot inside our attraction. You can tell right by their facial expression that they are just ecstatic to have their party at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center. They scream, jump, and laugh with their friends and you can tell they are ready for the greatest day of their lives. Kids that come to our attraction love LEGO® bricks and parents that host their child's party at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center know that their son and/or daughter are LEGO® enthusiasts. For a lot of these kids, it's a dream come true for them so seeing that excitement is pretty special.

Q: Why should parents consider your location for a party?
A: Let us worry about the decorations, serving the food, greeting, and providing fun activities. All we ask of parents is to relax and enjoy the party experience as much as their child. There is no other place that offers a more fun, creative, and enthusiastic atmosphere for both kids and adults. While our attraction and all of our activities are catered towards kids, parents have just as much fun because they can participate in all the activities too. Not only are you getting a private party but you are also getting access to the whole attraction, at no extra cost to you or your guests.

Q: What else would you like Basharoo readers to know about your parties?
A: Growing up, the one common toy that most of us have had throughout our childhood has been LEGO® bricks. As much as we all love them, wouldn't it be great if you could go to a place and host a party that revolved around LEGO® bricks? That's what LEGOLAND® Discovery Center is all about. It brings every LEGO® lover's dream come true! From rides, to build areas, to 4D movies, to LEGO® exhibits, and everything else in between, you can expect to find it at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Chicago.

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