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Unique Sports Parties for Kids


So you’ve got a sporty kid who likes to run fast and play hard. There are tons of great party options for a Sports Party, but how about something unique and different? Check out these sports parties that hit the spot for your sports nut in a nonconventional way.


Brooklyn Boulders, 100 South Morgan Street, Chicago


This is one time when you’ll be happy to know that the kids are climbing the walls. A party at Brooklyn Boulders can take your birthday party to new heights, with a group climbing package complete with staff for a 1 to 6 ratio. Try out a private Learn the Ropes class, or customize your experience and make it the party of your dreams.


Chicago Archery Academy, 3029 Eldamain Rd., Plano


For a twist on traditional Sports Parties, give archery a try! In addition to traditional target shooting, Chicago Archery Academy offers the engaging option of Archery tag! Kids play with foam tipped arrows in teams like dodgeball, making for an action-packed exciting party. With rules that allow for kids to knock each other out of the game, and also bring each other back to life, the fast paced fun keeps everyone running.


Hot Ground Gym, 1938 Raymond Drive, Northbrook


This high energy party gets kids moving using American Ninja Warrior-type skills, creating a birthday party that’s a blast. Kids check their skills on the guided obstacle courses, trying out monkey bars, tire climbing, canvas nets and more. Kids tests their minds a well, using critical thinking and team building skills to compete. Afterwards, kids celebrate with by cutting their cake… with a samurai sword or military saber!


Knockerball Chicago, 551 W. Roosevelt Rd., West Chicago; or at your Chicagoland location


What better way to party than donning a bubble suit and crashing into your friends? It’s like playing soccer, but everyone’s the ball! Knockerball can host your party or bring the party to your Chicagoland location. Kids ages 6 and up can play, each getting in a bubble and being part of the fully immersive soccer fun.


Pow! Kids, 310 South Racine, Chicago


POW! Kids offers action packed parties in a kid-friendly gym for up to 12 kids. The parties offer curriculum driven activities guided by experienced instructors who lead the party from start to finish. Kids participate in relays, obstacle courses, and speed and agility training. To top it off, you can add on a theme to your party like Ninja, Superhero, Nerf Skills, Martial Arts and more.