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Basharoo does not collect information from individuals under 13 years of age.

Personal Information

Basharoo stores collected personal information in a secure database, and does not share this information with any outside sources. This information is used ONLY by Basharoo, and is never shared or sold to any third parties.

Changing or deleting your personal information

Individuals who have shared personal information with ChicagoKids.com may update or delete this information by clicking the link that they find within the Basharoo emails or contacting us at feedback@basharoo.com.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the ChicagoKids.com privacy policy, please contact us at feedback@basharoo.com.

Basharoo Newsletter

The Basharoo Newsletter is an e-mail newsletter that is only sent to those who request it. This newsletter may contain advertising, and the advertising is always clearly defined as such.